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The value of bitcoin reached its lowest point this year on Nov. 20, touching bottom at just $4,327 (W4.8 million) apiece
Recently, Samsung Electronics unveiled its new horticultural LED lineup, which is comprised of full-spectrum packages an
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When the heart stops beating, brain damage begins because the blood supply stops. CPR is a very important emergency trea
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Rudolph wants to quit. Santa needs a new leader on his sled team. Elliot is a mini horse. His
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On Nov. 16, it took nearly three hours to rescue a group of people stuck in an elevator in one of Chicago’s tallest buildings, the 875 Nort
What’s This About?According to Forbes magazine, Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student loans. Around 8 million student loan debto
After winning a friendly game against Uzbekistan on Nov. 20, the Korean men’s soccer team extended its unbeaten record to six games. They n
MBC’s The Masked Singer is one of the most popular shows in Korea. It has even led to spin-offs, including a highly successful Thai version
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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most impressive architectural structures in the world. It is located behind the Pisa Cathedral in th
On Nov. 21, Kim Jong Yang was elected as the successor of Meng Hongwei, the former Interpol president who was arrested and detained for acce
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Around this time of the year, snow starts to fall and we can hear Christmas carols on the streets. In addition, we also can see Salvation Ar
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In recent years, the number of people who use the internet has increased dramatically. At the same time, internet-related disputes have also
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Reading books is important for children. It can give them a variety of knowledge and wisdom. Through the experience of reading, children can
Cows are one of the most popular domesticated animals in the world. They are sociable animals and usually gather into a herd. They are color
Termites build their own underground world. A termite’s habitat, a mound, presents the mystery of nature. Termite mounds commonly have the
Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer who lives in Sheffield, England. When people see mice running loose in their gardens, many will reach
Around Me
Rudolph wants to quit. Santa needs a new leader on his sled team. Elliot is a mini horse. His
Yummy News
Let’s make gingerbread men! Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Soften and mix butter, bro
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Ice Skating Let’s go ice skating in the winter! Let’s put on our skates! We need to keep ou
See & do
(1) Cut. Cut out the dough. (2) Tag. Tag the gingerbread man. (3) Bake. Bake the cookies in th
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