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Headline News
At the beginning of August, the U.S. experienced two mass shootings within hours of each other, setting off another deba
In 1856, William Henry Perkin, then age 18, was given a challenge by his professor at the Royal College of Chemistry to
National News
On Aug. 7, KB Kookmin Bank launched a special digital mentoring camp for elementary school students. This camp received
Around Me
Energy is important. We need it to make electricity. Electricity powers home appliances. Home app
World News I
The Chinese city of Handan has deployed the country’s first batch of robotic traffic policemen. Powered by artificial intelligence, the rob
What’s This About?Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were two of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Their works have contributed sign
The Wyndham Championship, the first PGA tour event in August, featured three Korean golfers competing for the top spot.An Byeong-hun came ou
Through an official presentation in Los Angeles on Aug. 7, SM Entertainment announced it will debut a new boy group in October. What’s spec
World News
Artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technological breakthroughs will reshape the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This ha
With the belief that children and young people make up much of the world’s population and that world peace can be achieved by guaranteeing
National News
From Aug. 7-20, a special circulating exhibition was held in Seoul. It featured the lives of Korean women who were sexually enslaved by the
National News
The KT&G Welfare Foundation has offered volunteer abroad programs since 2005. College group volunteering, supported by the foundation, recen
World News
Many of us think that raccoons are cute animals. However, raccoons can be harmful to our ecosystem because they eat almost everything. Racco
There is a growing concern that droughts will become more and more severe. Aging farming villages are struggling to install and manage water
Because sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun, they are necessary in the summer. There are many sunglasses with different colored lenses.
Loons and ducks are both aquatic birds, but they usually do not get along.Dr. Walter Piper has studied loons for 27 years. He said he was “
Around Me
Energy is important. We need it to make electricity. Electricity powers home appliances. Home app
Yummy News
A macaron is a dessert from France. It is round. Macarons are famous for their sweet taste. We us
Around Nature
Seals are very good swimmers. They swim well thanks to their big flippers. They are good at huntin
See & do
(1) Create. Create a robot. (2) Cut. Cut the paper. (3) Paint. Paint a picture. (4) Repair. Repai
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