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Though it may be unlikely, there is a chance that Kim Jong-un may be coming to South Korea next month. On Nov. 25-26, Ko
A report by 41 experts, including the world’s foremost scholars, biomedical scientists, economists, and health policy s
National News
POSCO is Korea’s largest steel manufacturing company. It recently launched a special art school with donations received
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A library is a good place to visit when we have free time. At the library, we can read many interes
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According to a survey conducted by the Asian-Australian Leadership Summit, 82 percent of Asian-Australians have experienced discrimination i
What’s This About? Multivitamins are supplements that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. They come in several different forms, inc
Lionel Messi has one more trophy to add to his collection. At the FIFA award ceremony in Milan last month, he was named the Best FIFA Men’s
September brought us comebacks from some of the most popular K-pop artists, such as Twice, Seventeen, and KARD. October is full of highly an
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Martin C.M. Lee, a Hong Kong politician and barrister commonly referred to as Hong Kong’s “Father of Democracy,” and Margaret Ng, a civil
Ryu Hyun-jin was born in Incheon on Mar. 25, 1987. He is right-handed, but he learned how to pitch with his left hand when he was 10 years o
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The Changwon History & Folklore Museum will offer a free service where the people of Changwon can disinfect their old items that are worth p
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To help Korean women who suffered from sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II, students in Jeonju recently gathered tog
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In graves all across Europe, researchers found small vessels with spouts that look like nipples alongside the remains of young children. Res
The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute한국천문연구원 launched the development of an A.I. automatic translator. The True Record of t
Every creature dies when it reaches old age. But there is one creature that never dies. This story applies to a tiny jellyfish called Turrit
Carole King and her husband lost Katie, their 7-year-old border collie, while on vacation. The couple returned to their hotel and discovered
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A library is a good place to visit when we have free time. At the library, we can read many interes
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A cupcake is a small cake for one person. Because they are small, British people call cupcakes fair
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The Tyrannosaurus rex, or T-Rex, was famous for its big and sharp teeth. Its bite was 15 times stro
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(1) Dry. Dry your hair. (2) Smell. Smell the flowers. (3) Sweep. Sweep the floor. (4) Wash. Wash
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