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Headline News
Korea set a new internet first on Apr. 5 with the launch of the world’s first 5G network. The super-fast mobile network
Incheon International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. The airport opened its doors in 2
National News
Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This improves our atmosphere. Trees also prevent landslides and droughts, p
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Pororo is coming back to theaters on Apr. 25. This time, Pororo is going on an adventure to a trea
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More and more people are switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and many fast food restaurants are trying to keep up with this trend. Some
What’s This About?Elvis Presley and The Beatles are two of the biggest names in music, but who is more influential? Depending on the person
Korean striker Son Heung-min has made history at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by scoring the first ever goal at the venue.He got the go
If you’re into superhero movies but aren’t a fan of how dramatic they tend to be, then you should definitely check out Shazam. Critics say
World News
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent agency that is responsible for aeronautics and aerospace research
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, is an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She is known to have changed the world for Ameri
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Eating breakfast is important for good health. It helps people get the recommended daily value of various nutrients that are essential to go
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Netflix is a streaming service that allows people to watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Over the past few years, i
World News
Many children like to play soccer. To create more opportunities for young soccer lovers, the World Cups Youth Soccer Festival takes place ev
Foxes are members of the canine family. They have long, bushy tails, narrow faces, and large, triangular ears. They are mammals that can liv
Professor Matthew DeGennaro and his colleagues at Florida International University discovered how mosquitos find people in the dark. They fo
The United Kingdom’s Prince Harry is one of the most famous princes in the world.He visited the YMCA South Ealing in London on Apr. 3 to le
Around Me
Pororo is coming back to theaters on Apr. 25. This time, Pororo is going on an adventure to a trea
Yummy News
Bacon is one of the most popular ingredients in Western diets. People use pork belly or back to ma
Around Nature
A Labrador retriever is a dog breed. It is one of the most popular dogs in Canada, the United King
See & do
(1) Wave. Wave your hands. (2) Help. Help the elderly. (3) Slip. Slip on the floor. (4) Pass.
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