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Unlike modern concrete structures, which show signs of decay after a few decades, the awe-inspiring monuments erected by
We already understand well that meat consumption contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions. Recently, scientists
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The National Fire Agency announced that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) education will be strengthened in 2023 to in
Around Me
A mandarin is a small fruit. It looks like a small orange! Tom picks mandarins at a farm. He p
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Space junk is a problem that is only getting worse. Since the first satellite launched in 1957, Earth’s lower orbit has steadily been filli
What’s This About?While many are concerned that employing police body cameras would lead to the infringement of citizens’ privacy, propone
On Dec. 26, 2022, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went into concussion protocol following an accident at a game against the Green
Korean boy group Monsta X kicked off the New Year with its 12th mini album Reason, which showcased more of their artistic abilities in each
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One of the most densely populated cities in the world has finally gotten its first metro line. Many of the 20 million residents of Dhaka, Ba
Karol J?zef Wojtyła was born in Wodowice, Poland, in 1920. Wojtyła witnessed firsthand the persecution of Jews when Nazi Germany invaded P
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A much-loved rescue dog named Sobaek recently retired after nine years of service. The National 119 Rescue Headquarters in Daegu held a reti
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According to data released by Clarkson Research Services Ltd., Korean shipbuilders performed incredibly well in 2022. They received the most
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One person in Essex, England, returned home to a huge shock. Smoke was coming out of her home. Fortunately, her dog was safe and waiting by
Amazon has started delivering by drone in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas. The MK27-2 delivery drone is not very big. So,
In South Jeolla Province, there is something called a “calf scholarship.” Since 1976, the graduates of Hwaheung Elementary School have eac
Let’s look at some types of “tteokbokki” that will never disappoint you as a snack or meal. If you are not a fan of spicy food, try “gun
Around Me
A mandarin is a small fruit. It looks like a small orange! Tom picks mandarins at a farm. He p
Yummy News
Mozzarella cheese is from Italy. It is made from cow’s milk. It is soft and mild. It has a mi
Around Nature
?1. Goat? People make soap with goat’s milk. It is good for your bones and teeth. ?2. Sheep? S
See & do
(1) Taste. Taste the lemon. (2) Shake. Shake your piggy bank. (3) Melt. Melt the butter. (4) Pick
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