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Headline News
On Mar. 13, three plainclothes officers broke down the door to the apartment where Breonna Taylor was asleep with her bo
Although some say only slackers take naps, there are a number of studies that encourage naps because they are helpful to
National News
Every year, the Korean National Tuberculosis Association대한결핵협회 sells Christmas seals to raise money to help underp
Around Me
A train is a set of cars that move on a railroad. An engine makes a train move. Trains can take pe
World News I
In late September, nearly 500 pilot whales became stranded in Australia, with around 380 losing their lives, in what is believed to be one o
What’s This About?Alaska and Hawaii, both located outside of the U.S. mainland, became the last two American states in 1959. Besides weathe
Many parents encourage their teenage children to play golf since the sport doesn’t require a lot of physical expertise. In addition, golf c
Avid fans of Taeyeon are aware of the fact that she has a thriving career in Japan as well. Her newest Japanese mini album, #GirlsSpkOut (pr
World News
In October, the Japanese government will start reopening its borders to travelers. After selectively allowing business-related travelers, th
General Vincent Brooks is the first African-American commander of the U.S. Forces in Korea. After graduating from West Point in 1980 with ou
National News
Korea’s active response to the COVID-19 pandemic has set a great example globally. The country’s successful antivirus efforts can be large
National News
To commemorate its 50th anniversary last year, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) created four promotional videos und
World News
An American elementary school in North Dakota recently suspended a student for bringing a BB gun. The student acted suspiciously, which made
Eyeglasses are an important item for people with bad vision. In the back of your eye, there is a thin layer of tissue called the retina. Whe
When doctors have to perform surgery, they wear either green or blue scrubs. Because doctors see the blood of their patients for a long time
Marty’s Place is a retirement center for senior dogs that are 7 years and older. The non-profit sanctuary is in New Jersey, United States.D
Around Me
A train is a set of cars that move on a railroad. An engine makes a train move. Trains can take pe
Yummy News
Madagascar is an island country in East Africa. It is the fourth-largest island in the world. More
Around Nature
A lion is a very powerful animal. Lions can kill animals that are bigger than them. So, lions are
See & do
(1) Count. Count some coins. (2) Look. Look in the mirror. (3) Turn. Turn on the faucet. (4) Wash
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