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Headline News
The third inter-Korean summit looks to have been a wild success. Held in the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang, tal
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, which destroys memory and other important mental functions. A
National News
Starting next year, students who live in Seoul can have any hairstyle they want. They can grow, dye, and perm their hair
Around Me
Public places are outside our home. They are open places. We can hurt or bother people if we mis
World News I
Recently, a flight attendant was fired months after a video of her accepting a midair marriage proposal went viral. According to China Easte
What’s This About?Would you watch a foreign film with subtitles, or would you rather watch a dubbed version? With the notion that the origi
North and South Korea have been cooperating a lot more in the past year, and much of this has been in the world of sports. The two countries
Netflix has announced that it will be remaking Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender into a live-action series. Co-creators Michael DiMa
World News
We have all dreamed of traveling to outer space on a spaceship. In the near future, this will be possible for many people. Recently, the fou
Recently, four little girls posed together at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida for a special photo shoot that commemorates
National News
Itaewon is a special area in Korea where people can enjoy an exotic atmosphere. Located in Yongsan-gu, the center of Seoul, it is an interna
National News
If you’d like to see a spectacular view of the night sky, the Seoul International Fireworks Festival is the answer. With the aim of wishing
World News
It is mandatory for pet owners to leash their pets when they go outside. In the United States, a cowboy went to a store to buy some food for
The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. They usually reside in African savannas, grasslands, and woodlands. The most distinctive fea
Our bodies change depending on the climate and surroundings of the place we live in. People in cold places need to store body temperature, s
Recently, sharks attacked two people in Australia’s Cid Harbor. It is a popular tourist spot on the north coast of Queensland.On a Wednesda
Around Me
Public places are outside our home. They are open places. We can hurt or bother people if we mis
Yummy News
Pumpkin Porridge Many Koreans like to eat pumpkin porridge. We make it with big pumpkins. Ask
Around Nature
Cosmos We can find lots of cosmos in autumn. They are plants. People plant cosmos on the side
See & do
Get on. Get on the bus. Get off. Get off the bus. Hold. Hold on to the handle. Collect. Colle
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