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Headline News
A student newspaper in the U.S. has found itself in the middle of a national debate over the ethics of journalism and th
When the sun is in the sky, the heads of sunflowers always squarely face the sun with their stems moving to support thei
National News
LG Uplus is a telecommunication company in Korea. In collaboration with the Korea Blind Union한국시각장애인연합회, the c
Around Me
Ice skating is a winter sport. We wear special shoes for ice skating. These shoes have sharp metal
World News I
A species of the mouse-deer that was thought to have been extinct was recently captured on camera in a Vietnamese forest. Called the silver-
What’s This About? The United States’ political landscape is dominated by two political parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican P
The 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup, hosted by Brazil, wrapped up earlier this month, and though they did not win the tournament, the South Korean
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, the third movie based on the hit television series SpongeBob SquarePants, is coming to theaters next
World News
The plague is widely known as a deadly disease which swept one-third of the European population during the medieval period.The local health
South Korean novelist Pak Kyongni was born in Tongyeong on Dec. 2, 1926. Her father left the family immediately after she was born, and her
National News
The Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music opened at a one-story building with two basement levels in Jongno-gu on Nov. 21. In addition to being
National News
This time again, the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters will release a special calendar featuring topless firefighters who are
World News
An animated character of a warthog in The Lion King, Pumbaa means “to be foolish, silly, weak-minded, careless, and negligent” in Swahili.
A research team from the U.K.’s University College London found out that babies learn to breathe through hiccups. The team analyzed the bra
When we take long flights, we get to enjoy in-flight meals. Although they look tasty, some people might find them very tasteless. Interestin
Romar Lyle was working on his master’s degree. During his studies, he helped students with mental health problems and worked alongside univ
Around Me
Ice skating is a winter sport. We wear special shoes for ice skating. These shoes have sharp metal
Yummy News
Salmon is a healthy fish. It has a lot of DHA. This substance is good for our brain and eyes. Becaus
Around Nature
A stag beetle is an insect. Stag beetles are known for having two big horns on their head. Their h
See & do
(1) Eat. Eat hot soup. (2) Make. Make a snowman. (3) Observe. Observe the stag beetle. (4) Ride.
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